Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2008 Little Miss

Heidi did so good in the pageant last night! She had been waiting so long to wear her shoes, dress, and swim suit that we had gotten just for the occasion!

She wasn't nervous at all, which surprised me a little. She walked right out and got her crown and wand, then headed to the end of the runway. Just before she walked back, she blew the crowd a kiss! After changing into their bathing suits, the little misses came back out and took one more walk on the runway and did the chicken dance as a group.

Heidi got a balloon, trophy, goodie bag, wand, crown, and a sash! (and a bag of m&m's from Miss Kaitlin's dad!)

She was very excited after the pageant was over and everyone wanted their picture taken with her. So many people came out just to see her! (Thanks everybody!)

Although, I think her favorite part of the night was the corn dog!



Ashley & Evan said...

Those pics are so freaking cute! I especially like the last one. Every good princess should have a corn dog after a pageant.

Sarah D said...

Heidi was so great! We were very proud of her.

Her dress and swimsuit were the best!

She did an amazing job, just like a little pro.

I love the pic of her with Kaitlin and the other big girls. Heidi is totally in the cool crowd!

Aubrey said...

She is a cutie!!! I want a little girl to dress up and eat corndogs with!! NO FAIR!

Looks like she and Jenny had a good time up there!

emily said...

How CUTE!!!
And now i am hungery....

Christina said...

Future Miss America! :-) Pics are adorable!!!