Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mini Vacation

So, we headed off Friday evening and returned on Sunday for a quick trip to the Cincinnati area. Here are some bits and pieces from our trip.

First off I'll start with introducing "Wodney Wat", (he's from a children's book, that we have. I got a little plush one at a bookstore). Anyway, I thought it would be fun to start something when my kids were young and force them to do it their whole lives. (That's just the kind of mother I am....) Anyway, he is our family mascot and we photograph him with us wherever we go on vacation. Our goal is get him photographed in all 50 states. (Let me know if you are going to Alaska!).

So, here are Wodney and the kids in Petersburg KY.

We traveled to go to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, (which may as well be in Cincinnati). I would reccommend this museum to ANYONE! It was fantastic!!!! So informative and well laid out. It's only about 4 hours from Newton, check it out.

Then we drove about 15 mintues to Newport, KY to the Newport aquarium, where RJ loved seeing alligators, piranhis, and got to pet a shark. It was really worth seeing. The whole family enjoyed it.

Some strange man took our picture. While it looks like RJ is scowling, he is actually saying "ARGH", cause he's a pirate. Looking back, we probably shouldn't have told him to say that cause it didn't photograph very well.

I also had a little experiment where I bought some disposable camaras that any of the 4 of us could at any moment grab and take a picture of something. Then we took them to Walgreen's 1 hour photo to have them developed while we ate on Saturday night.

Let me just start by saying that Jennifer at the Walgreens in Kentucky was the worst employee on earth. She overcharged me, didn't give me my doubles, refused to give me picture CDs cause "she just couldn't", and didn't give me my negatives for one batch. This was shortly after making me wait over 2 hours for one hour pictures and screaming at a crowd of people that the should just go home and upload the pics themselves from their own homes. Really, I was in awe. While the kids got some great pics of each other and some things that made me laugh, the also got to see me be REALLY REALLY MEAN to Jennifer, so I don't know that it was worth it. If I ever go into a Walgreens and anyone named Jennifer is working, I think I'll just turn back around.

All in All though, we had a fantastic trip. Now, back to work.