Monday, August 10, 2009

Zoo Fun

About a month ago, I got an itching to go to the St Louis Zoo. Rick was in Pittsburgh for work and so the kids and I packed a lunch and headed to St Louis with my friend Rebekah and her 3 kids.

After we had a picnic lunch, we headed in to see some animals.But not before everyone had to pose for a picture!The kids (especially Dawson) loved the snakes.There was some guy letting the kids touch crocodile skulls....gotta admit that was pretty cool. RJ and Dawson were super impressed.We bought Safari Passes that allowed us rides on the RailRoad, the sea lion show, a 3-D dinosaur movie etc.....We headed to the Sea Lion show firstI have to say that I loved this show. Not only was it super cool with all the tricks, but also it was a nice chance to feed the kids a snackNotice RJ trying to crash my picture by sticking his finger behind my headGrowing anxious waiting for the train.......Miss Rebekah and Miss Payton on the train......RJ, Cooper and DawsonMe and the HeidsterWaiting to go to the 3-D movie. This was pretty much a favorite of everybodyMy favorite in the whole zoo is the penguin house. (Last year I grabbed a was just so tempting.) This year I refrained.Cute little Puffin. I wish I would have grabbed itEverybody picked a stuffed animal in the gift shopEveryone except RJ. While we are standing there watching Heidi pick 2 $6 animals.....he just looked at me and said, "Can I just have the 12 bucks?"

Okay, deal. He's his father's son!




Rebekah said...

thanks for not posting the pic of my tongue on my nose! i have to save that for future suitors :-)... hehe...

good times!

Sarah D said...

I enjoy Dawson's hair in these pics. Looks like he did it special in case he met any hot ladies at the zoo!