Sunday, August 9, 2009

Misc Summer

Just posting a few misc. snapshots from our summer.......

watching Ice Age 3 at the Drive-inCounty FairThey always look forward to corn dogs!I have no idea what this one is or why Heidi has something on her face or velvet glovesMy brother and his wife were able to make it home for a few days. Heidi took to him right away.Poor Uncle JerWe had a cookout at mom and's one of Aunt Tiffany and Uncle JerMy mom has a ton of outside cats. Heidi was in heaven!RJ playing a little wiffle ball with 1 boot and 1 sandleMaking s'mores(I know my brother has been waiting for me to tell this story......)

I would like to say first off that we are a super busy family and don't spend much time on the yard.......we are that house in the neighborhood. It's a goal to make the outside of the house look as good as the inside but it's a work in progress.

So Jer and Tiff come over while they were home and while walking them out while they were leaving, my dad says, "You do know that you have poison ivy growing up your garage right?"....Uh no I was not aware of that.

We head out to look and HOLY FREAKIN COW! This wasn't just any poison ivy, this was the mother of all poison ivy plants!

I may have called Rick "Nature Boy" for allowing poison to grow 2 inches from the house. And then I may have also bitched at him for having a car battery sitting next to the poison ivy plant. pretty sure that the battery is still there......

RJ wrote "NO HEIDI" on his bedroom door in INK! I was livid, but thankfully it came off. He felt bad and asked, "where was I supposed to write it?" I told him if he MUST banish his little sister from his space, then he needed to write it on a paper and tape it to his door.

The next day I walk by and see that he has written "NOT FOR TREE DAYS" on a paper towel and then taped it to his door with medical tape out of the bathroom.

Apparently, she broke one of his lego creations and she was banished for three days!Miss Kaitlin gave us a couple of kittens. Unfortunately, one of them already ran off and we are pretty sure that our neighbor stole the other one. Ah well, the kids had fun playing with them for a couple days.....RJ is brushing up on his golf skills. He had lessons once a week at the golf course. I thought he looked cute with his clubs. (Thanks again Papaw!)RJ has also recently learned the game of chess. It's amazing how quickly he picks up on things. He has already beat both Rick and I at least once. And he won fair and square.We all love the wii fit at our house. Heidi especially loves the ski jump (above) and the 1 person jog.

This picture was one night before bed, she was doing the 1 person run and it told her to put her remote in her pocket....this is what she did. I almost died.School is coming up quickly! Heidi sure is gonna miss him when he's gone all day.




Amanda Lessley said...

Love the updates! Anytime the kids need a kitty fix Biscuit is available!