Sunday, August 9, 2009

2009 Ballpark Highlights

While I still can't say that I love spending my evenings at the ballpark.....I do have to say that this summer's ball season wasn't half bad! I think the fact that we really only had 1 super hot week played a part in that.

RJ was in Jr league (the Rangers) and Heidi was in t-ball (the Grasshoppers) this year.This was Heidi on her first game of the season with her brand new glove and bat. She HATED her ball pants and ended up wearing a green skirt and random crazy socks for every other game.Heidi LOVED the drinks in the dugout.And when she ran she insisted on staying directly on the chalk lineHanging with Jack after they played each otherHeidi did a really good job this year not having to hit off the tee. She usually hit it when the coach pitched to her.But the thing she managed to do pretty much every game was bend down, play in the chalk and make what looked like gloves on her hands.Couldn't be prouderRJs season went well too. He was on a team with alot of good players and then won almost every, if not every game.RJs favorite position to play was catcher. I thought he looked super cute in his catchers gearBut I think the kids favorite part of the ballpark was the concession stand.On the last day of the season, Heidi's coach handed out cupcakes......RJ's team got a medal

I was a little worried that Heidi would be upset that she didn't get a medal. We weren't in the car for 30 seconds when she starts rubbing it in his face that she got a yummy cupcake and all he got was a silly medal. that's Heidi.