Saturday, August 8, 2009

Swimming, Sand, and Slip n Slides

Summer has flown by! (hence my lack of blogging lately!)

I have tried (and I feel succeeded) in spending more time with the kids away from the office this summer, however they did still spend their fair share of time with me at the studio. I tried to make it as fun as I could.......

enter the slip n slide..........if the studio wasn't right on the highway, I would have been right there with them!

I felt like they had finally outgrown their Little Tykes turtle sandbox. Miss Kaitlin's dad built them a new GIGANTIC sandbox with built in seats. This thing is huge! it held a truck bed full of sand.Play-Doh is also a family favorite, so we also added a picnic table and the kids enjoy making me play-doh ice cream sundaes for me!The kids also took 4 weeks of swimming lessons. Which made for super happy kids and super blonde hair.RJ really does swim like a fish now. He needs no help and is fairly confident that he could now survive some sort of shipwreck. Heidi also did much better this summer, although her claim to fame is still floating in the shallow end.And then of course what's better than having a great friend with a pool of her very own? We have spent lots of time at the Kinkade house swimming and having lots of fun! (Look how tan Jack is!)