Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Fun

I was so excited that the weather was so nice today.

I wasn't willing to let the kids go play out in the snow yesterday since it was sleeting all day. (not with as sick as they've been this winter....damn Kindergarten germs)

But today, it was so nice, they headed out. I was shocked at how long they were able to stay out without needing to come in to warm up. (almost 45 minutes)

They played at the studio in the giant empty parking lot. (So much more room than our tiny front yard)

They had so much fun. I am hoping they can go out and play in it again tomorrow!:)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Proud Mommy

RJ had to learn the books of the Bible (New Testament) for AWANA.

He managed to do it in an hour and a half.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Times

The Annual Farley Euchre Tournament.......

I looked forward to this for 12 months!

Unfortunately, I took tons of pictures, but they all somehow managed to be too inappropriate for the blog. That is when you know it was a Good Time!

This was Rick and I as we were leaving at 3 am. He looks giddy. He never looks that happy. Maybe it was all the rice crispies he ate. The start of the tourney......

My partner Jill and I knocked out Rick and his partner in the first round. hehehehe
Poor Rick has to live with that for a whole year until revenge can be had next year.
Jill and I ended up making it through 2 eliminations and getting knocked out just before the championship round. I hope Jill is my partner every year. I think we were the 2 loudest people there.

The gracious hosts

CFARLEY at his finest

modeling their new huggies courtesy of Sarah

Sarah, (I thought this was a really good picture of you!)

Tim & Melanie, the big winners

Until next year!

Random Things

I was clearing off the pictures on the camera to get the Euchre tourney pics off and came upon some random things.......

Heidi being super cuteMiss Kaitlin and Miss Nicole took Heidi to Miss Nicole's house one evening to see her cat. I sent the camera with Heidi to document what she saw.This has to be the largest "cat" in Jasper County. I have no idea what the Fitzmaurice's are feeding the cat that they call "coon kitty". I don't think it's a regular cat at all. It has to be some sort of wild mountain lion cat that the government secretly let go into our area to take care of the deer/children.Heidi trying to show RJ what an acceptable smile looks likeHeidi loves my new blanket. I bought it for the studio when I was cold (this was the pre-snuggie days of course). Well that lasted about 2 it's on Heidi's bed at home.RJ liked it tooI didn't take this......I'm assuming Miss Kaitlin did. They look like they were being bad.Rick means well. This was after bowling/drinking leagues one night. He promised he'd help me fill orders......5 minutes later he was asleep at the computer at the studio. niceWho doesn't love SILLY PUTTY?



Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Most Anticipated Event of the Year

The Annual Farley Euchre Tournament!

It's ON!

(I realize this a poker reference, not a euchre reference. BUT, I found this little gem about a year ago and have had zero chance to use it. so, let's use our imaginations!)



Friday, January 9, 2009


Okay, I'm a loser and I totally wanted one of these since the first time I saw the infomercial on TV.
I freeze at the studio when I sit at my desk working at the computer.
UPS brought them yesterday. IT IS WONDERFUL!
Rick got me one and my friend Rebekah one (she secretly wanted one too).
Warm Cocoon>dignity

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had such a nice Christmas this year.....Millspaugh side on the Christmas Eve night, and Lindemann side on Christmas Day evening, after church and opening our presents at home first.

When the kids went to bed on Christmas Eve, we didn't even have a tree up yet. I was swamped and didn't even have time to put one up. When they woke up, Christmas morning, a tree had appeared. So excuse the crappy tree and bare decorations......I vow next year to do better......

We waited until after church to open gifts, and the kids didn't even mind. surprisingly....Rodney was good about waiting too.....Heidi was very excited about everything this year.....showing off her new princess watch, (with fur)In addition to entirely too many star wars action figures, RJ also got some star wars legos.Heidi had been asking for this pony for at least 6 months!Both of the kids got new webkinz petsand new sheets! RJ got star wars sheets and a blanket, Heidi got My Little Pony sheetsAnd one of my favorite toys from when I was a kid.....COLORFORMSHeidi finally got her own Wii game. It's actually pretty cute. I found myself playing it the other night when she was in bed. pathetic.And Heidi got a new "big girl" American Girl doll! Samantha. She is beautiful.The next two pictures came from Christmas with my parents, but I thought they were so funny.

My mom bought Heidi a new nightgown....(the child loves pajamas more than anyone that I've ever known).

She wrapped the nightgown up in a cat food box. Heidi opens the box and got so excited.....

"Food for my very own cat!" she said. ummmm, we don't have a cat.although there were cats on her nightgown