Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Times

The Annual Farley Euchre Tournament.......

I looked forward to this for 12 months!

Unfortunately, I took tons of pictures, but they all somehow managed to be too inappropriate for the blog. That is when you know it was a Good Time!

This was Rick and I as we were leaving at 3 am. He looks giddy. He never looks that happy. Maybe it was all the rice crispies he ate. The start of the tourney......

My partner Jill and I knocked out Rick and his partner in the first round. hehehehe
Poor Rick has to live with that for a whole year until revenge can be had next year.
Jill and I ended up making it through 2 eliminations and getting knocked out just before the championship round. I hope Jill is my partner every year. I think we were the 2 loudest people there.

The gracious hosts

CFARLEY at his finest

modeling their new huggies courtesy of Sarah

Sarah, (I thought this was a really good picture of you!)

Tim & Melanie, the big winners

Until next year!


Sarah D said...

F-U-N was had by all!! Except maybe that chick who would not talk that sat outside all night!!

Sorry about the spill on Rick's coat (once again, not sorry if it was yours). I still will take it to Jerry and have him clean it if you will let me!

Thanks for the ride home.

Hope it was everything you dreamed it would be!