Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had such a nice Christmas this year.....Millspaugh side on the Christmas Eve night, and Lindemann side on Christmas Day evening, after church and opening our presents at home first.

When the kids went to bed on Christmas Eve, we didn't even have a tree up yet. I was swamped and didn't even have time to put one up. When they woke up, Christmas morning, a tree had appeared. So excuse the crappy tree and bare decorations......I vow next year to do better......

We waited until after church to open gifts, and the kids didn't even mind. surprisingly....Rodney was good about waiting too.....Heidi was very excited about everything this year.....showing off her new princess watch, (with fur)In addition to entirely too many star wars action figures, RJ also got some star wars legos.Heidi had been asking for this pony for at least 6 months!Both of the kids got new webkinz petsand new sheets! RJ got star wars sheets and a blanket, Heidi got My Little Pony sheetsAnd one of my favorite toys from when I was a kid.....COLORFORMSHeidi finally got her own Wii game. It's actually pretty cute. I found myself playing it the other night when she was in bed. pathetic.And Heidi got a new "big girl" American Girl doll! Samantha. She is beautiful.The next two pictures came from Christmas with my parents, but I thought they were so funny.

My mom bought Heidi a new nightgown....(the child loves pajamas more than anyone that I've ever known).

She wrapped the nightgown up in a cat food box. Heidi opens the box and got so excited.....

"Food for my very own cat!" she said. ummmm, we don't have a cat.although there were cats on her nightgown




Mandy K said...

What happened to the two kittens you brought home a while ago?? Or is that a sad subject?

Ashley and Evan said...

Your kids always crack me up. You look at them and it makes you want to smile.

Also, I LOVE Heidi's Christmas dress; it is so pretty.

aczumbahlen said...

Heidi has the prettiest fish face I have ever seen!!

amberlindemann said...


those kittens disappeared after 2 days


ran away or eaten, I'd assume