Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ZAGG Rocks!

Over the holiday, after noticing that I've already managed to scratch the hell out of my new phone, I got to searching online for a screen protector for it. I stumbled upon (thank you google) a website that sells the "InvisableShield", which is basically a whole body skin for the phone. is the website

Clickity, clickity, click and the invisible shield is on it's way.

Getting ready to close the browser and notice, the little spot for monthly gadget giveways.....sure I'll sign up, I'm pretty damn lucky most of the time....(won $100 on scratch off lottery tickets on Christmas Eve....THANKS MOM and DAD!)

Well, I'll be damned if I didn't just talk to Cameron from ZAGG and I am the proud new owner of a Creative Zen 4GB with an invisible shield installed. I WON THE MONTHLY GIVEAWAY!

Woo Hoo! And, the real congratulations is going out to Rick, cause I'm giving it to him!



lindemrm said...

Sweet! Congratulations to me!

Sarah D said...

What is it?

amberlindemann said...

It's a media player (like an ipod), it has radio, and you load songs, and it plays video, radio, etc, etc.

but more importantly, it's free

Sarah D said...

WOW! Rick is one lucky guy.

First he marries you, then he gets this.

The only way I see it getting better is if he gets me as a partner at the Euchere tournament.

Mandy K said...

Will you buy me some lotto tickets please???

hncfarley said...

I didn't know people actually won those giveaways!