Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Things

I was clearing off the pictures on the camera to get the Euchre tourney pics off and came upon some random things.......

Heidi being super cuteMiss Kaitlin and Miss Nicole took Heidi to Miss Nicole's house one evening to see her cat. I sent the camera with Heidi to document what she saw.This has to be the largest "cat" in Jasper County. I have no idea what the Fitzmaurice's are feeding the cat that they call "coon kitty". I don't think it's a regular cat at all. It has to be some sort of wild mountain lion cat that the government secretly let go into our area to take care of the deer/children.Heidi trying to show RJ what an acceptable smile looks likeHeidi loves my new blanket. I bought it for the studio when I was cold (this was the pre-snuggie days of course). Well that lasted about 2 it's on Heidi's bed at home.RJ liked it tooI didn't take this......I'm assuming Miss Kaitlin did. They look like they were being bad.Rick means well. This was after bowling/drinking leagues one night. He promised he'd help me fill orders......5 minutes later he was asleep at the computer at the studio. niceWho doesn't love SILLY PUTTY?