Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wii Sunday

I keep forgetting to post about the weight loss......I have still been weighing in each Wednesday. I stayed the same, gained a pound, then lost a pound, leaving me right where I left off. 37 or 38 pounds, honestly I can't remember, and am too lazy/ exhausted to look.

We went Wii shopping today though, and I bought Wii fitness. RJ got star wars, Heidi got princess, and Rick got Madden 08, which I strongly protested, only because of my deep hatred for Jon Madden. I believe at one point during football season last year, I may have alluded to the fact that I wanted him to watch Brett Favre get injured and have a heart attack. Well.....I still stand by that.

Anyway, I am incredibly impressed by Wii Fit. I had this nice little cartoon character of me and then when I weighed and stepped on the balance board, it made me this fat little creature, which I am sure looks just like me. The board also grunts when I stand on it. Sadly, it does not grunt when anyone else stands on it. I think it hates me.

I worked my butt off,while RJ and Heidi both laughed at how ridiculous I looked. Rick and I did a 2 person running excercise and then his character finished well before mine. His character then cheered me on/mocked me until I finished the race.

I think it will be a nice tool if I can just spend some time on it every day. Another weight update to come on Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

We haven't bought the Wii Fit yet...but plan to very soon. I am SO not-coordinated. I heard you have to hula-hoop on that thing. UGH!

cfarley said...

Well, I am very proud of your weight loss venture and am cheering you on every step of the way(Love the bike), however what really caught our eye at the Farleys is the Star Wars Lego....
As you know we are huge fans of the Star Wars and the boys have the lego games for their game cube and are totally addicted to it. On the Wii are they characters? And do you get swords?? This just may push Chad over the edge on waiting til christmas.

amberlindemann said...

Yep, the characters are who you play as and you get lightsabers. They also sell real lightsaber attachments to put on your wii remotes. We have ordered a red one and a blue one.