Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Answers.....

I got tagged by Sarah of Sarah Sez ...... so here are some Random Questions answered by Amber

Favorite person: I'm totally gonna go all soft and say Rick and the kids.......

Favorite food: Buffalo Wings, and tequila

Quirks about me: I regularly have terrible nightmares that wake me up, I can't have my feet under the covers while sleeping, and I never wear shoes. And for the life of me, I can't understand why anyone would want to scan a picture in and print crappy copies of them.

What can you NOT live without: my laptop, my blackberry, my mp3 player, Google Reader , and Bears football

Favorite blog: I check 43 blogs every day....... I think my favorites change, but nothing is better than checking them and seeing a new post.

Who do you wish had a blog: Jason and Michelle Fulton, Mike and Kate Passalacqua and Larry and DeAnn Dorn

What job would you pay not to have? Teacher or a daycare provider. (it takes a special kind of person to do those jobs, and I'm not it.)

Guilty pleasure: Guitar Hero on the Wii

One thing you are bad at: pretending that I'm not irritated when I am. well that and sports.

If you could change one thing about your current circumstances, what would it be? Sometimes I'd like to be able to relinguish control at the studio. Unfortunately, I can't do that, because I'm a control freak. It sure would be nice to give someone a to do list and have it get done though. (oh, and of course I want to be independently wealthy)

Who would you like to meet someday? Will Ferrell, Barry Manilow, and Jessica Claire Ideally we'd all be in the same room together. Jessica is a fantasically talented photographer. She could take all the pictures of me, Will, and Barry(and Rodney). :)

What is the hardest part of your job? It's hard to turn work down when we are too busy....It's hard to balance the studio and the house. I spend most nights working instead of sleeping.

When are you most relaxed? Sundays during football season when we just lay around as a family

What stresses you out? the Christmas season at the studio........

Favorite quote: (After hearing this on Girls Night Out, it's my favorite quote too, so I have to copy Sarah's answer on this one.....) "I'm a rumor spreader, not a rumor starter"...Chad Farley

Why do you blog? It's a nice way to keep my parents and sister and brother caught up with the kids.....and it's fun sharing all of Rodney's adventures.



Aubrey said...

Seriously....43 blogs a day??? Wow!! Aren't you thankful for the favorites list??