Monday, June 16, 2008

Blazin' Challenge Survivors

For Father's Day, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings. Nothing says I love you dad, more than taking your kids to a bar!

They have a wing "challenge" called the Blazin' Wing Challenge.....Rick and I are no pansies when it comes to hot sauce so we knew we could do it. (the blazin' sauce is the hotest they make)

Rules are:

12 wings in 6 minutes.
nothing to drink.
nothing to eat (celery, ranch sauce, etc).
no touching your face.

We hooked the kids up with their food (RJ eats mild wings, Heidi gets mac and cheese and celery), and our server, who's name was Zach even though his name tag said Nick, started our time.

Rick finished in 4:45 and I finished in 5:15

We are now the proud new owners of Blazin' Challenge Survivor T-shirts and we also have our picture on the wall at Buffalo Wild Wings. And of course, Rodney was there to see it all!



Rebekah said...

Rick looks a little flushed in this picture!

Congratulations to you both! you have done us proud!

Ashley & Evan said...

This is hilarious. I did not know such an event existed! I especially like the pictures of the kids. They are totally into it!

Christina said...

I think that's the most delicious challenge I've ever heard of!!! Congrats!