Friday, June 13, 2008


We have a mattress on our porch, yes I know, white trash, blah, blah, blah.

We keep forgetting to take it to the dump on Saturday mornings....I'm hoping not to forget tomorrow.


RJ goes onto the porch this morning, and announces that there is a real live baby reindeer on our porch. Well, I'll be damned. There was! We were all pretty amazed and I made everybody sit by it for a picture. Heidi started to cry because it didn't have a family. She was very upset. I thought that that was very sweet.

I wanted to pet it so bad that I even called Rick, and everyone else I could think one thought it was a good idea.

I called one of the conservation officers to come and get the deer, and they were no help at all! So I called Sarah Kinkade and she talked to Jackie Schackmann, who talked to Tyler Schackmann and they totally came through for me!

They came to get the deer, who will live happily ever after.




Sarah D said...

RJ & Heidi are so lucky a reindeer came to their house!

Amber is so lucky that that hottie Tyler Schackmann came to her house! If this it what it takes to get that Schackmann boy eye candy to come over, I need to go and find me a wild animal.

Really though, best story EVER. Glad I got to play a little part in it.

Sarah D said...

After giving it a little thought, perhaps you should have kept the deer and raised it. You would have had the best Christmas phot prop ever!

Jamee said...

How did the deer get there? It looks really young? Where is its mom? See, I would have been right there with Heidi crying.

amberlindemann said...

No idea how it got there, but I had to assume it was orphaned. It was pretty sad, but remarkably cool all at the same time!

I don't know what made my porch any cooler looking than anybody else's. I would have thought it would have picked the bushes....

the kids are still talking about the reindeer

cfarley said...

Awesome story! Such a cute little deer. When did the Schackmann boy get so cute?