Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shots Really Hurt.............

So, RJ is getting ready to turn five in a couple months.

I check the mail and there it is.....the dreaded immunization reminder. I had totally forgotten that kids get shots when they go to school.

He was SO brave. He sort of squealed as they counted "1, 2, ....3", but didn't scream. Instead silent tears ran down his cheeks, which of course means silent tears ran down mommy's checks too.

It really blows my mind how the kids pain affects me. I am not a "lovey" person, I am from the school of "brush it off", "it's not bleeding", "your not hurt", "you'll be fine", etc. But for some reason, my kids melt my "exterior" when they are in pain, real pain.

Like "mean old nurse sticking 3 fat needles into your tiny little leg" pain.

I don't like shots, RJ decided he doesn't either. Shots really hurt.......

I am pretty jealous of those really cool bandaids though. That's what I want next time I go to the doctor, instead of the cheapo cotton ball with the super sticky tape that rips all the hair off your arm when you pull it off.