Thursday, March 13, 2008

We Love you Uncle Jer!

My brother Jeremy came home from the Navy for a 4 day stay. I'm 99% sure that the last time we saw him was Thanksgiving of '04 when Heidi was 8 weeks old.

He enlisted back in '96, so he'll have been in 12 years this Christmas. We miss him and wish we could see him (and his wife Tiffany) more than we do.

The kids had a lot of fun getting to know their Uncle and playing with him. They've added him to their list of people that they pray for every night. :)

I hope he can make it home again soon, but I'm also proud that he is protecting our country and protecting us...making the world a safer place.

And on a fantastic note, I dug out one of our spare Rodneys and gave him to my brother. Jeremy's getting ready to depart on another world tour and Rodney is going to get to go all over the world. Jer will be sending pictures back. Rodney was a little nervous, but Jeremy will take good care of him.

Take care Jeremy!

We love you!