Thursday, March 6, 2008

Boston or Bust!

Rick needed to make a quick 3 day trip to Boston, MA this week. Left on Tuesday and came home on Thursday. The kids and I were sad to see him go, but we made sure he had the one thing he needed before he left. When he opened up his bag, what should he find, but Rodney and a camera.

Again, for those of you that don't know.....Rodney is our family mascot. We love him and we take him everywhere with us. All the new places we go or any landmarks we pass must be photographed with Rodney in them. This is something that we have done for years and will do forever. I even have spare Rodneys at home in cause the unthinkable might happen.

Anyway, I have the most wonderful husband in the WORLD! There are alot of husbands that would either be mean and say no, or would "forget" to take the pictures. Not Rick. Even though he HATES it and would rather die than do it, He does it, because he loves us and he knows that odds are, we aren't ever going to go to Boston. This was Rodney's only chance to be photographed there.

Rick's a hell of a guy! I love him, the kids love him, and of course Rodney loves him too! My absolute favorite one is where he actually took the time to set the timer on the camera so he could be in it too. That one made me smile!




OMG!! Rick is the best husband ever. Hank would have drown Rodney in the beer, then took pics. Or, Rodney would have been left behind on the plane. Good job Rick, I am sure the kidos loved to see Rodney having such a good time.