Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music!

2 years ago we took RJ (3yr) and Heidi (1 yr) to see Sesame Street Live: Elmo's Coloring Book in Indianapolis. RJ loved it so much that I said we'd take Heidi back when she was the same age.
When I noticed that Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music was coming to Indianapolis, I was super excited!

We headed towards Indy yesterday about 3:30, allowing 2.5 hours to get to the theatre which would have been plenty of time.

WOULD have been. It would have been if there hadn't been an accident 2 miles east of Brazil. If that accident hadn't gnarled traffic for 12+ hours. The accident backed traffic up on the other side of Terre Haute at one point. Crazy!

I consider us fortunate. After sitting in stopped traffic for 30 minutes, we were able to drive on the shoulder (thanks Rick!) to the Brazil exit and then take Rt 42, through Poland (you're not missing anything here!) and then back North to Interstate 70 at the Putnamville exit. Then of course, we drove 85 all the way to the theatre. We only missed about 15 minutes of the show. I seriously didn't think we'd see any of it. Traffic was completely stopped and this was almost 12 hours later as the accident had occured at 7a.m. (I googled it and read all the details....nobody died, it was more of a hazmat issue)

Of course the show was wonderful, just like last time. The kids shared a seat so they could both have the perfect view, which I thought was really cute. They even held hands through most of the show.

Heidi screamed, "Bye Elmo, I love you!" as we were leaving and RJ got so excited when he saw the Count. 2 years ago, everytime he'd see the Count, he'd yell, "Count, it's me RJ!". This year, he screamed...."Mommy, it's the Count! It's the Count! Heidi, do you see the Count? COUNT!"

All the songs and dances were great! RJ and Heidi both came home with a new t-shirt, but no toys, which Rick was pleased with. I had them bring the little stuffed animals we bought 2 years ago so we didn't have to buy them again. Sure enough, they were selling them. RJ and Heidi didn't mind. They walked right past the stands, and didn't need anything because they already had theirs.

RJ said his favorite part was the confetti being blown out over the audience at the end, but then decided the whole thing was his favorite.

Heidi's favorite part was Zoe, and Elmo, and the Count, and Telly Monster, and the Honker, and Oscar the Grouch, and, and, and. :) Heidi really enjoyed herself.

Rick's favorite part was that there was a bar 30 feet from us since we were in the "Royalty" seating. He was able to enjoy a nice glass of scotch. Scotch and Sesame Street....nice.




I just ordered tickets for emily and I to go to Terre Haute May 20th. I hope she enjoys it as much as RJ and Heidi