Friday, October 10, 2008

why you should never eat off a restaraunt table

Friday was a day of good intentions, and honestly from these pictures you can't really tell that there was anything really wrong......but it was a crazy day.

I decided that since the kids had the day off school, we would go to the pumpkin patch in Arthur. I asked Miss Kaitlin to go with us so we could take some more senior pictures along the way in the beautiful Amish country.

On the car ride up, Heidi decided to throw up orange juice all over herself. lovely. We stopped, cleaned her up, stripped her down, and headed north to tuscola to buy her an outfit at the GAP outlet store. One pair of cute courderoy pants and sweater later, we finally made it to the pumpkin patch. Heidi was fine and acting happy and great. I assumed the orange juice had just upset her stomach.

The kids stopped to have their picture taken before we headed in.RJ was pretty impressed by the 1,027 pound pumpkin that was on display.Heidi started acting grouchy again and wouldn't get out the wagon to take pictures by anything. Here RJ is with some dude made out of straw or hay or whatever it was.Heidi did have a few super cute moments. She was on an emotional rollercoaster.Inside the hay maze. That was RJ's favorite partWhile RJ was checking out the giant spider, Heidi wouldn't get out of the wagon.RJ at the top of the lookout tower in the corn mazeWe stopped and had a snack and Heidi seemed fine.She even stopped and posed with RodneyThen, it got interesting.

Heidi was standing in the wagon, just as RJ decided to move the wagon without looking first.

Heidi went flying back and knocked the back of her head on the ground. Screaming. Loud Loud Screaming. Heidi cries so hard, she throws up again. nice. I yelled at RJ for not paying attention, he starts to cry. Miss Katilin had to run to get papertowels.

Then I had a break down and started crying too. Too much drama. The stress was seriously too much. Both kids got hugs and held and squeezed and then we just needed to go home.

But first we needed to pick our pumpkins. Rodney found his.RJ loved picking pumpkins for Rick and me too.Then I decided I needed some mums to spruce up the sign at the studio.Heidi picked 2 for me and so did RJWe headed back to Newton. I'll bet Kaitlin was so happy to see the "Welcome to Newton" sign. Poor thing.

The kids wanted to help plant the mums. (keep in mind Heidi is feeling fine)RJ showing us a worm that he found. I tried to get him to eat it, but he refused. :)I think the mums look just FANTASTIC! So, here's where the story just gets even better.

I am still in denial that Heidi is sick. I thought that the orange juice hurt her stomach and then I thought she cried so hard she made herself sick. The flu never crossed my mind.

When we got back to the studio, I found a UPS notice on my door. They always leave my packages for me when I'm not there, so I had to drive to the UPS terminal in Olney to get them since they didn't deliver them and I needed them for Saturday morning. grrrr.

Oh well, we headed down there after we planted the mums, and thought we'd make the best out of it and eat Chinese.

Heidi said she wanted Subway. Whatever. don't eat then.

RJ, Rick and I are eating chinese and Heidi throws up all over the table. Are you kidding me?

I can't explain what happens next, other than my ninja-like throw-up cleaning up instincts kicked in and I sprung into action.

We were sitting in the very back booth and no one could see us. thank goodness. That and thank goodness that the wait staff at the chinese place apparently didn't think we ever needed refills or anything because no one came back there. An entire container of napkins later, things are under control.

Heidi's clothes are off and I am in Gliks buying her yet another clean outfit. I asked for extra plastic bags. I put her gross clothes in one, and all of the napkins and throw up cleaning up supplies in the other.

Everything was under control, and humiliation was spared.

RJ and Rick got to eat chinese, Heidi was the proud receipient of 2 brand new outfits, and I got the pleasure of cleaning up throw up 3 times and having a break down in 1 day.

FUN for the whole family.

But, lesson learned. That's why you should never eat food that has fallen on the restaraunt table. You don't know who might have thrown up on it.



Amber M said...

Hey, you probably don't remember me. My husband and I had engagement pictures a long, long time ago. About 3 years. Anyway, I ran across your blog through the wonderful Sarah Sez. I love her!! I am really loving your page. Your pictures are wonderful. You are simply a genius.

Sorry about your bad luck at the Pumpkin Patch and the entire day.

Your mums are beautiful though!!! I love them.

Take care.


Sara B. said...

Hi Amber!

Yesterda evening Clint and I went to Terre Haute. On the way home I noticed your beautiful mums!!

The pumpkin patch did look like lots of fun. Poor Heidi!! I would of thought the same thing as you....not even thinking she really had the flu.

Ashley and Evan said...

Awesome story! Hope Heidi is feeling better.