Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Backyardigans LIVE

Tuesday evening after school/work, the kids and I headed up to Champaign with Sarah and Jack (and Jamee and Emily who met us there), to watch the Backyardigans LIVE.
We stopped at Tuscola and hit the Osh Kosh and Stride Rite stores before heading to the show. Showing off the $12 ripoff wands that they were selling. (that they conviently worked into the show so you felt like a loser if you didn't have one).Rodney enjoyed the show too. He sat on Heidi's lapRJ showing off the shield that all the kids got when they sat down.Mr JackMiss EmilyI would have enjoyed the show a little more if the human heads weren't sticking out of the costumes. It was super cute though.

The show was really enjoyable and the kids all seemed to really enjoy it! They were all asleep 15 minutes after we got in the car.




Sarah D said...

We had a great time.

I liked the Elmo show better, I think Jack enjoyed this one more.

Those wands were a total rip-off, people think Disney is bad.

next time, let's give ourselves more time to shop!

--or better yet, plan a kid free trip to the outlet mall.