Monday, May 26, 2008


My sister's family bought a Wii during the holidays.....

Rick and I have been over once to battle it out on Guitar Hero. I was obsessed and it ended with my kids crying because they wanted to go home....nice huh?

Well, Memorial Day weekend was spent with Rick's side of the family. His brother had just acquired a Wii, and plugged it in. Well, me being Miss Addictive Personality just HAD to play.

I did the fitness test, Boxing, Tennis, Bowling, Baseball

That Wii kicked my ass! I am so incredibly sore that I am limping around today. Which of course is pathetic!

After a long conversation with Rick about money management.....blah, blah, blah.

I am the proud new owner of my very own Wii!

Hooray! It will be here towards the end of the week. If anyone wants to battle it out at Guitar Hero, let me know!




Anonymous said...

Hey - maybe we can battle it out via internet!

Amanda M said...

Sweet! The Wii is so much fun, but so hard to come by. We looked forever before we were able to find one. Some people may think it is crazy, but it really is a workout.

Sarah D said...

I really cannot wait to play on the Wii with you!

I feel like I am going to be super good at guitar hero.

amberlindemann said...

I got 2 guitars.....we can duel!

I have a feeling I know where the playdates will be on the rainy days!


Amanda M said...

I was wondering how I can get in on these fun playdates!!!! They sound like a great time. Maybe we could all plan a trip over to the butterfly house in STL?! Anyone up for that? I would love to see everyone and I would even pack the picnic. Let me know

cfarley said...

We just tried the guitar hero tonight at the Fitzmaurices... addicted! And we are in on a battle. Cole is pretty good. Chad wants a Wii but unfortunately he cannot bring himself to spend the money. Amber, what is your secret??