Thursday, May 1, 2008

So Jealous!

Rick and Rodney are having so much fun in Orlando! Today, he had a reception at Universal Studios that was hosted by HP (Hewlett Packard).
He couldn't keep Rodney under control!

He got to see the Blues Brothers, the Blues Brother's car and the car from Back to the Future.....

He met Marilyn Monroe, Shrek, Woody Woodpecker, and Sponge Bob.

He and Rick did have some down time and enjoyed some drinks........

But the highlight of the trip so far (for me at least) is when Rodney BEGGED to get his portrait made and Rick FINALLY gave in!

(you have no idea how exciting this is for me.....since the bedroom is being remodeled, this is totally going up on the wall!)




Sarah D said...

There are no words to describe just how cool it is that your husband did that!

Rodney is one lucky little rat!

vlkmnfam said...

I agree, I don't think many husbands would do that.

And Rodney has a more eventful life than me,,, sad.

Rebekah said...

Does Rick need a personal secretary?

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if RODNEY needs a personal secretary.........or "rat-sitter".

Amanda M said...

Oh how I love seeing what all Rodney gets to do. What a great husband to take him along. What a neat family tradition.


I feel like I know Rodney on a peson level, maybe he needs to have some kind of party in his honor.
Your kids will love these pics when they get older, they will know how much their dad loves them. Not many dads would have the patience he does.
Kudos to Rick