Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Play Date

Today RJ and Heidi met up with Jack Kinkade and Emily Baltzell at Peterson Park for a play date.

RJ and Heidi know Jack and have gotten together and played before, but this was their first time playing with Emily. (Emily is 1 wk younger than Heidi).

RJ was SO excited to get to play with the "new girl".

I think the kids really had a lot of fun, and I loved being able to sit and have an adult conversation with Sarah and Jamee.

I hope we can do it again next week.

I got a picture of everybody, but my goal for this summer is that every single picture does not have to be perfect........the kids hate it when I make them take a picture over and over again.

So, I'm telling myself that it does not bother me that RJ has his eyes closed in the group ones. That's what I'm telling myself.




Sarah D said...

We had SO MUCH fun!!!

The pictures are very cute. I wish you would have taken one of Jack dropping his pants by the b-ball courts to relieve himself.

I am sure hoping this is something we get to do every week, or maybe get a sitter for the Moms to get together every week!


Aubrey said...

Wish I were there!! Grady would for sure have something in common with Jack, he drops his drawers whenever and wherever he pleases.

Let me know a little more in advance next time, I would love some adult interaction, mostly for the gossiping!!

Sarah D said...

Amber-do you notice Jack and RJ are both squinting in the first pic?

Must be a boy thing.


Gotta tell ya, today may be the best time I have had in weeks. Thanks gals, next time I am bringing the snacks though. Sarah has to bring the cute juice boxes in her trendy juice box bag:>