Friday, January 25, 2008

So Relaxing

Wow, the beach is so nice. I won't have any pictures to post until we get home, but I am taking plenty. :)

RJ is in shorts and a t-shirt and Heidi's wearing a sun dress. They are having so much fun. RJ wants to move here. Rick and RJ found a dead jellyfish that was then poked with a stick. That was kinda fun. RJ has been collecting dead crab legs that have washed up. He has 11 so far.

The ocean "grabbed" Heidi as she says. She fell down and was none too pleased about it. She's warming back up to the thought of it though.

We have quite a collection of shells so far. So of them are really quite nice.

We've each had our turn buried in the sand and now we are in taking a quick break so the kids can get cleaned up so we can head out and take sunset portraits on the beach.

I'm a little out of my element here and hope that they go as I imagine in my head.

RJ has seen 2 "pirate ships" on the horizion.

We've already been to an irish brewery pub. Rick and I have eaten there before (pre-children). They have $ bills all over the ceiling. RJ signed on and got to pick where it got stapled. That was cool for him.

more later.