Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cat Stop

Sometime around the holidays, I happened upon a device that I thought would make Rick's and my lives a little happier/easier.

I really like cats. I had cats growing up, but we only had 1 or 2 and we weren't obsessive about them. Rick is allergic to cats. Not neccessarily outside cats, but indoor cats give his allergies fits. What I dislike about cats is when they are outdoor cats and even though they aren't our cats, still seem to think they rule our yard.

We have a neighbor that has what seems like 1,000 cats. Every day and evening, they are sitting on our cars. Scratching the paint and being obnoxious. My biggest problem with this is, if I put my 40 pound bassett hound on my neighbor's vehicle, I would be in the wrong. Yet, the overweight cats sit on my car all the time, and go to the bathroom in my yard, and just annoy me.

Catstop arrived via UPS 2 days after it was ordered and I'm pleased to announce that since it was installed we haven't seen a cat. We haven't seen 1 cat.....not one. No cats in my yard, or on my car!
I would have paid twice what they asked. :)



Sarah D said...

I bet your neighbor is loving you!

Maybe you should just go pee in her yard!