Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Happy Day!

The NFL Divisional playoffs were today. We were really in a pickle because I didn't like any of the teams.

First the New England Patriots were playing the San Diego Chargers in the AFC.

Blech. I don't like the chargers. Mainly becuase their star "LT" has a terrible attitude. I hate to think kids are looking up to him. I didn't want him to be in the spotlight.

Blech. I don't like the Patriots. Well, let's face it, because they're cheaters. They cheat. They were caught cheating and in my opinion they shouldn't have been let into the playoffs in the first place. That and their coach is the grouchiest most hateful coach in all of the NFL. CHEATERS!

The Patriots won their division and I have to assume will win the SuperBowl since they CHEAT.

Then the Green Bay Packers were playing the New York Giants in the NFC.

Blech. The Packers. I knew if they won, I would have a hard time watching the SuperBowl other than rooting for career ending injuries. I have no real reason why I don't like the Packers. I just don't. Maybe it's rivalry. Maybe it's because Jon Madden loves them enough for the both of us. I just wanted them to lose.

The Giants. Lesser of all the evils. Somehow they pulled off a win. I didn't expect it. Happy Happy Day. They kept The Pack from going to the Big Game. :) Now if they can just derail the New England Cheaters season than all will be good.

But for was a happy happy day for football.