Sunday, December 9, 2007

RIP "Dog"

On Tuesday September 25, 2007, "Dog" was introduced as Photo Graphics's reception mascot.

I have so enjoyed his company these last couple months. I've seen him more than I've seen Rick. He's right by my computer now and we're having our last conversation.

Let me start by saying, we have super good luck with goldfish. Our goldfish "Henry", who lives at our home, is over 2 years old and is super big. He cost $0.33. So we don't have bad luck per se.

How many of you have seen "Nemo" the movie?

Apparently Dog saw the movie and decided that it would be loads of fun to get sucked up into the filter of his tank. I pulled him out and he has lasted a bit more than a week. He is missing some gold off his body and one back fin. I really thought he was going to pull through.

Dog is laying on the bottom of his tank dying slowly, which I can't stand to watch. Rick is at work (TPS) now working on some pricing stuff and will be picking Dog up on his way home. We have a turtle at home named "Shorttail" He loves fish (now usually we buy him minnows from the pet store, rather than feed one family pet to the other, but hey Circle of life and all that.)

Rest in Peace Dog. Bon Appetite Shorttail.