Thursday, December 13, 2007

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree.....

2 Years ago, I was too swamped to put up a tree at all. I stole Stephanie's poor little decorative pre lit tree off of her porch on December 21st and that was our tree.

Last year we put our tree up on the 20th. A "live" tree that was already dead when we bought it. But it was spray painted green like they all are, so you couldn't really tell unless you touched it and it started falling apart.

This year as I am buried under in editing. (no worries, everyone's orders will get done), I realized this was going to be a no tree year again unless we put one at the studio. Let's face it, no of us would have ever seen it if it was at home anyway.

I went a different route this year and we have a football tree instead of my classic silver ornament and red bow tree, with a bow on top. This year a football sits atop the tree and I LOVE it. Not that the Bears season is worth celebrating this year, but that's what makes a true fan anyway. Loving a team even when they're not worth loving.

The Bear tree will have to become a studio tradition.