Tuesday, November 27, 2007

They Grow Up Too Fast......

I always heard people say "they grow up too fast". Unfortunately at that time, I was the one growing up and in my head it couldn't have been fast enough.

Now that I have kids of my own, it really is so sad how fast time goes.

My son turned 5 on November 13th. So much has happened in the past 5 years. I had a daughter, started a business, bought a studio, TPS endured a fire, etc, etc. Major life changing events.

And yet it seems like yesterday.....5 years ago, my sweet son was born. Somehow I've blocked out all of the horror of that day(s) (51 hours of labor ending in a C-section), and all I remember is seeing him and holding him and thinking he was the most precious thing in my life.

I thank God every day for my kids. Between their father and them, they really are gifts that God sent me. Precious gifts.

on to the details:

RJ had a great birthday. He had been doing the birthday countdown for over a week. "3 more days til Mommy's birthday and then 4 more days til my birthday and then it's Thanksgiving and then Daddy's birthday......." Only to repeat it the next day with the updated count.

He was so excited. He announced that since he got to pick where we ate, that we would be eating at Lone Star in Effingham.

He opened his gifts and got this sad little frog cake to eat because even though I had called a cake in, it wasn't ready when I went to get it. He liked the frogs though I think.

He got some Planet Heroes from Fisher Price, (which I am obsessed with) that he had been asking for. He also got 2 computer math games and a cowboy outfit. He put the cowboy outfit on for dinner.

We told him he could have whatever he wanted for dinner. The waitress comes by he says he wants a hamburger with ketchup. She asks him what side he wants. A grilled cheese. Whatever. So he got a burger and a grilled cheese. He ate it all but the crust.

All the waitresses loved his outfit and when they sang to him they gave him salt & pepper shakers to shake during the song.

He loved his birthday.