Sunday, November 25, 2007


I have a fantastic memory. I always have. You can ask Rick. There are occasions during an fight (gasp, yes a fight), that I will be able to recite back 10 thousand things that have ever happened to support my cause. Whatever cause that may be.

I've been spending about 23.5 hours a day at the studio since we're in the middle of the Christmas push. I don't mind a bit and we're chugging through it without getting buried under. (Which is very nice!)

We don't have TV at the studio, but I can watch HD streams of most of my favorite shows. (Young in the Restless CBS, Kithen Nightmares FOX, House FOX, Greys Anatomy ABC, Carpoolers ABC, Private Practice ABC, Ugly Betty ABC, and Desperate Housewives ABC.)

A few weeks ago I caught up on all of my viewing and was out of things to watch. I decided to give Pushing Daisies ABC, a try. Fantastic. Maybe it's my weird personality, but I love it.

I thought that there was something familiar about the character Olive Snook. I knew that I recognized her from somewhere. Like I had heard her perform somewhere. Something about a neighbor. I look up the spelling of her name in the credits. Kristin Chenoweth.

I google "Kristin Chenoweth neighbor", pretty much nothing. Thinking, thinking, maybe something about an apartment.

I google "Kristin Chenoweth apartment". Viola! There it is.

Kristin Chenoweth with an amazing voice singing a funny skit about apartment living in NY. I remember loving it. Man am I glad that I stored that in my vault of things to never forget.

She is so little with such an AMAZING voice.

-a :)