Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Car Seat Safety

My friend Sarah posted a video on her blog earlier this week about car seat safety.

here's the link to the video

Please be warned that the video is about a young child (3 years) who has passed away. The video explains how it could have been prevented, and how important 5-point harnesses are even with older children.

I still think everyone should watch it, just be prepared when it starts.

Deep in the pit of my stomach, I never felt safe with the car seat that RJ had. I had a hard time believing that they just go from the strap in type harness seat to this plain old booster that you strap in with a seatbelt. I never felt as if it held him well enough. I thought he had too much range of motion.

After watching this video, my heart hurt for the family. Then I realized that the little boy was Heidi's age, and I felt sick.

We are now the proud new owners of 2 new carseats for our kids.

I encourage everyone to consider getting 5-point harness booster seats for their toddlers who outgrow their harness car seat.

Rick watched the video too and even he said, "buy it". I told him how much they were and he still said "buy it". No amount of money would ever bring them back if something terrible happened.

2 car seats to consider.

Regent by Britax

Radian 80 by Sunshine Kids