Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 2......Magic, Magic, and more Magic

Today went visited Magic Kingdom, and it lived up to it's name.......

We started the day off on a great foot, with Miss Kaitlin dragging everyone out of bed to go to breakfast so we could make rope drop and the Magic Kingdom. We made it with a few minutes to spare and watched as the steam train brought Mickey and his friends ,and the Blue family from Canada who were randomly chosen from the crowd to go on the train and throw pixie dust......(those lucky bastards). We were standing in the very front of the crowd and Heidi had her beautiful Snow White costume on. Snow White saw her and waved big and blew her a kiss! Heidi's day started with a bang. They sang a song and counted down from 10 and we were off!

We literally rain up Main Street, through the castle and then straight to Dumbo. We were the VERY FIRST family in line. How cool! The park was completely empty. I have pictures of the standby lines that say "0 minutes". It was wonderful!

This was the day that Heidi dressed as Snow White, so next we headed to Snow White's Scary Adventure, and then on to Peter Pan's Flight. These were two rides that we didn't have the pleasure of experiencing during our last trip. (snow white was being refurbed and peter pan always had a line). This time we walked straight on to both and were thrilled.

Next we headed to It's a Small World and tried to enjoy the ride even though two adults were kissing in our boat. gag. How am I supposed to enjoy the ethnic diversity of our world with people making out? You take their picture that's how...... :) When they'd kiss, my flash would go off. Now THAT was fun.

We headed to Haunted Mansion which the kids LOVED again this year....and then off to Frontierland.

On the way we got to stop and see Donald! Daisy and Donald are my favorites! Heidi loved Donald so much he had to take her by the hand and walk with her to the exit so she'd leave. He was super sweet though and even kissed her hand before we left.

Once we got to Frontierland we rode Splash Mountain once and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad twice. BTMRR is one of my favorite rides at WDW.

Heidi was leary about both of these rides....(Splash Mountain has a 5 story drop) and Big Thunder Mountain is a real rollercoaster. She loved them both and couldn't get enough. She held her hands high in the air the whole time. She is so big.

She was patient though through all of those rides and so we agreed to head back over to Fantasyland and ride the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. After Pooh we headed to the Tea Cups, but got side tracked (and never ended up going back) when we saw Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. Hooray!

We ran to get in their line, but they were headed for some tea (a break) and would be back in 20 mintues. So we rode the Tomorrowland Indy Speedway and then about 20 minutes had passed so we headed back over to be the first in line to see Alice and the Mad Hatter.

We were just standing waiting and a CM comes up out of no where and says "SNOW WHITE! I didn't know you were going to be here today. Can I have your autograph?" He pulls his Disney Autograph book out and hands it to Heidi. She carefully signs her name really big. H...E...I....D....I. He was thrilled and told her he would treasure it always. She just stood there and smiled. Next came the most magically part. He asked her how old she was, how long we were staying, etc....Then he gave her a Priority Fast Pass to take her to the very front of any line that we chose all day, because as he said...."Snow White waits for no one.". And then as quickly as he came, he was gone. I could feel the pixie dust sprinkling down.......

After meeting Alice and the Mad Hatter, we headed to Tomorrowland and rode Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin 4 times in a row. Now I like to think I'm pretty good at this game and my score is usually pretty high. 80-90,000. yeah, Rick put me to shame with his 388,000 he got today. Miss Kaitlin had a bit tougher time and usually got beat by Heidi, which of course Heidi thought was hilarious!

By this time, more people were accumulating in the parks and so grabbed some Fast Passes to Space Mountain and then had an ice cream break.

After ice cream, we got on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, which I didn't do last year. It was super cool! It takes you all around tomorrowland and even goes inside the Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear rides. We watched the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor show, and then had 30 more mintues we needed to kill before we could use our Space Mountain fast passes. I had heard a rumor that Daisy was making an appearance near Main Street so I thought this was the perfect time to see her. I love her.

We got there and all we saw were Chip/Dale and Pluto. disappointing.....oh wait, wait, HOORAY! Way off in the corner, hidden from most angles was Daisy. I almost ripped Heidi's arm off running to get in the line. While we stood waiting to talk to Daisy, a CM mentioned that Snow White would be making an unexpected appearance in a matter of minutes. YES! That was going to be a beautiful picture with them in their matching gowns. We headed over to see Snow white, and also got to see Pinnochio. Those were 3 characters that I missed last year, so I was more thrilled than the kids I think.

Our fast pass window had opened up, so Rick, Miss Kaitlin, and RJ headed off to Space Mountain while Heidi and I just relaxed on Main Street and did a little shopping. We found a perfect spot to watch the parade that was getting ready to start. The other 3 joined up with us a while later. RJ had been crying. whoops. Apparently Space Mountain wasn't fun this year. Last year, he rode it 4 times and loved it. This year not so much!

We watched and loved the parade. Dopey freaked out when he saw Heidi and Snow White recognized her and pointed to her again! During the parade, a dancer came up and gave RJ and Heidi their giant rainbow streamers (more pixie dust), which Heidi was sweet enough to take apart and give some to the little girl beside her.

It was 3:30 at this point and we had done SO much that we decided to leave the park and take a break. When we were leaving the Magic Kingdom on the monorail, RJ and Heidi were lucky enough to be co-pilots on the Monorail and go to sit in the very front nose of the monorail. The conductor even gave them a certificate to commemorate the occasion. (more pixie dust)

We headed to eat at TGIFridays and then off to the hotel. I took a nap while the kids played and then before we knew it, it was time to head back to the Magic Kingdom to watch Wishes, the fireworks show.

They just truely take your breath away. I teared up they were so pretty. For a second I thought I saw Rick wipe a tear too, but really I think he was scratching his face. After the fireworks, we took a picture in front of the castle and then RAN to Frontierland and had enough time to ride Splash Mountain one more time, and Big Thunder Mountain two more times. (they put me in the front on Splash Mountain and I got SO wet....a word to the wise, don't put the fat lady in front if you want your log to stay dry).

On the second ride of Big Thunder Mountain, I just mentioned to the CM how much fun we had today and how much I loved BTMRR. She told me to hang on and that she'd be right back. She brought me back a priority fast pass that she made good for tomorrow! Are your freaking kidding me? Can you say PIXIE DUST? We were so blessed today with all of the fun we had.

I asked everyone's favorite parts, Kaitlin's=fireworks, Rick's=no lines, RJ's=everything, Mine=listening to RJ and Heidi laugh on BTMRR, and Heidi's=the ice cream. Nice. that's my girl. :)

The kids had baths and headed to bed without a fight. What a fabulous day!

We have tons more to do tomorrow though. Heidi has a Bibbiddi Bobiddi Boutique appointment in the morning and will be dressed as Cinderella. We also need to ride all of the rides in Adventureland and then just repeat our favorites from today. Then we have dinner with the princesses later tomorrow night.

Rick and RJ will probably spent most of the day riding all the rides and Miss Kaitlin, Heidi and I are princess hunting and playing. To do tomorrow, meet the princesses, meet the fairies, meet Ariel, and ride Cinderella's Carosual.

Off to bed.....looking forward to an equally magically day tomorrow!



Volkman's said...

I just love hearing about your day!! I can't wait to go someday!!

Sarah D said...

Heidi signing her name to the autograph book made me cry. What a great story.

Sounds like it is even better than last year.

Pixie Dust is everywhere!! Please bring some back to Newton ;)

Kathryn said...

Amber - I love living vicariously through your Disney blogs! Sounds like you guys are having a great time and that you guys have mastered the golden rule at Disney - be nice to cast members, and they are nice back to you!! I'm always amazed when I see people whine & complain - you're not going to get the "treatment", people!! Kate

Sara B. said...

I love reading about your trip and all the details. What a great way to make a diary of it when it is fresh in your mind. Looking forward to reading tomorrow!

Kuhn Family said...

WOW!!! Sounds like you really ran into the magic this time. It's amazing how short lines makes the vacation so much better. Enjoy the rest of your trip.