Monday, February 16, 2009

Airport and Gatorland

Obviously, our trip was highly anticipated with not only me, but with the kids too. RJ was so excited, he slept in his coat and shoes. I came home from work to pack and this is what I saw......Heidi was dressed, (although not in what I had set out for her, but she also had her Mickey ears from last year ready and waiting.)at the airport waiting on our planeon the freezing airplane (note the coats)....the kids were watching movies and eating poptartsGATORLAND!This aligator looked like it was 100 years's front foot is even all mangled.We enjoyed the shows that Gatorland put on, but enjoyed the stunt show more than any of them.After the stunt show, RJ and Heidi got to sit on the back of a real aligator.Obviously, this one is a statue, but the kids sure had fun with it.We also got to feed some birds. One of them landed on Heidi's head and tried to eat the gems off her headband.....she didn't particularly care for that.RJ and Heidi also held a big ole nasty yellow snake. (shudder)The flight and Gatorland wore them out, so they were asleep before we were at the hotel.

up next: Chef Mickey's