Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Whole New Me!

I have been struggling with whether or not I should post this, but I decided, Why Not?

I have been on more diets than I can count......and the only time I ever really did well, I ended up pregnant with RJ and then boom, there I am again, bigger than before.

Well, rather than wait for the diabetes to set in, or wait for the heart attack to land me in the hospital, or wait for the high blood pressure, etc, etc......I decided I am sick of being fat.

While I'm not quite ready to share my starting weight (I will share it, when enough has come off, that I'm not mortified anymore), I will share my pounds lost each week. I don't think it's a secret that I don't weigh 110lbs.

Wednesdays are my weigh in day, and I weighed today. Today's loss brought my total to 23 pounds!!!!

I am so excited that I went and bought my inspirational outfit at Glik's today. Now keep in mind, I haven't shopped in a "regular" store in years. I always have to go to Fashion Bug and turn right. The "Women's" side. In my case, women's=fat. I am not big boned. Unfortunately.

So this outfit was bought in a regular store.

Regular Jeans and a Regular Shirt. I have told myself I'll be wearing it by the end of summer!

Hooray! Updates to come every Wednesday!




Sarah D said...


I am so proud of you. I am glad you decided to "go public' with your diet and struggles with weight. Who knows, you just may inspire someone else!

The new outfit is super cute. I can't wait to see you in it.

vlkmnfam said...

Great Job!!! It is so hard!! I am try to lose some
"baby weight " too. Keep up the good work!!


23 pounds, Hayden weighs 23 pounds! You have lost a 1 year old, GREAT! Congrats Amber, I know you will be in that outfit by the end of summer, your just that kind of gal, driven.

amberlindemann said...

WOW!!! I've lost a 1 year old human being.

That kicks ass!

thanks Jamee!


Amanda M said...

That is so great! 23 pounds is a huge accomplishment. What program are you using. I look forward to hearing about your progress every Wendnesday!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your weight loss Amber!

Love the new clothes!

jess said...

AWESOME! Keep up the good work:)