Monday, April 28, 2008

Too Much Water! and Bye Bye Shag!

Well, my weekend SUCKED!

I shot a very nice wedding on Saturday and because it started a little earlier than my average wedding, I also got home a little earlier. I was excited and came home and sat in the recliner, took my shoes off and I hear Rick yell, "AMBER, I NEED YOUR HELP!"

I head back to the utility room and he's standing there in the doorway leading to the garage WET. A water line broke and flooded the garage. AGAIN! This happened 2 years ago and supposedly it was fixed. DAMN IT!

So, while this wouldn't have been a HUGE deal, (there really wasn't anything of value in the garage, just small things I still hadn't taken up the studio yet after the move.), but we really really shouldn't have been working on other things. Honestly, if I didn't need what was left in there in 6 months, I should have just thrown it all away.

We are going to be converting the garage into a game room/family room anyway, so it gave me a good excuse to get it completely cleaned out as well as getting the Chicago Bears carpet that I have been eyeing. Because of course the other carpet is ruined. :)

So we spent FOREVER moving wet stuff, drying things out, making trips to the studio, etc., when we should have been moving bedroom furniture.

The carpenters started installing the hardwood in the bedrooms this morning....

Last year we had 1/2 the house done, but couldn't afford to have it all done at once, so they are back to finish the house. The bedroom carpets are DISGUSTING. Shag from the 70's...nice. I am pretty pumped about it, but because we were still moving furniture and toys and crap out of the house last night at 1 a.m., I'm pretty exhausted.

Now I get to wait til the carpenters finish, and then deal with the plummer.

nice, these next two weeks should be fun.

Here are before pictures of the disgusting shag. Ignore the hideous color of my walls. I chose that when I was pregnant with RJ and in all honesty, never really liked it. It will be tan, by next weekend......

Update pictures to come tomorow.....