Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bears 27 Packers 20

The Bears started the first quarter of the season off on the wrong foot. I haven't blogged about it much lately, not because they weren't winning, but because after throwing the remote and screaming at our offense coordinator, I was just not in the mood to think about the game and how we self destructed each time.

Tonight the Bears shut the Packers down, or the "hackers" as RJ calls them.

The Bears played well in the 2nd half. Charles Tillman had some key takeaways, while Urlacher had a key interecption.

I did not enjoy watching the game though.

We were playing Sunday Night Football which is televised on NBC. To start the game you get to see Faith Hill dressed poorly while butchering the SNF theme song. Not cool.

Then there's Jon Madden. I dislike this man more than any other man in football for sure. And those of you that know me, know that Bill Belichik, Mike Holgreme, Bill Parcels, Dick Jauron, etc., have always ranked very highly on my dislike list. But Jon Madden takes the cake.

I think that he must get paid every single time he utters "Bret Favre". That can be the only explanation.

Now, Bret Favre is a fantastic quarterback. One of the best of all time. He deserves credit, but he's human and he makes mistakes. Costly ones. He helped Chicago win the game tonight. He's a risk taker. An arrogant risk taker. Which 75% of the time, makes him great. but only 75%.

He deserves his Hall of Fame slot that he will no doubt get.

The day Favre retires, Jon Madden will start rallying to get his name on the Hall of Fame ballot.

Instead of admitting that Favre can make mistakes just like anyone else, and admitting that the man is getting ready to be 40 years old, Jon Madden makes excuses.

He actually uttered the words....."Maybe the heat affected Favre"......of course it was the heat. Couldn't have been Chicago's defense. Must have been the heat. Nice.

Long live the mighty Chicago Bears. Not so much Jon Madden.