Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 3 Castaway Cay

Again, time goes so quickly......I can't believe it's taken me so long to post the final pictures from the cruise......
We were all looking so forward to Day 3.......our day on Disney's private island, Castaway Cay.

This was the view that I awoke to at 7am on Day 3.....ahhh, paradise.Here we are pulling into Castaway Cay. The pirate ship that you see is the real Flying Dutchman ship that they used in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. When they "retired" it, they parked it at Castaway Cay.

My announcing to RJ that I saw a pirate ship definetly got him right out of bed.Rodney enjoyed the view tooRick refused to get up that early on vacation, so the kids and I headed to breakfast alone. We headed to Beach Blanket Buffet and sat outside and watched then tender the boat to shore. The Buffet was amazingAfter breakfast we headed off the boat onto the island. Of course stopping for pictures along the way.I was finally able to get a good shot of the boatHere I've pointed out where our room was.We found Captain Jack himself over by the flying dutchmanWe headed off to the family beachThe kids had so much fun digging and playing in the sand. (notice RJ has underwear on under his swimtrunks....he was so excited to head to the beach that he forgot to take them off.)Rodney relaxing under the umbrellaWe LOVED the hammocks which were all over the island.I was too lazy to move, so this is my hammock pictureThis was the view from one of the hammocksWe did quite a bit of swimming in the ocean as well. Any one who knows me knows this goes against EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. I HATE the ocean. I hate that there are creatures under the water....creatures that I can't see......creatures that can eat me, sting me, kill me. (shudder)

(the same basic principles go for ponds and lakes too.....I prefer chlorine)

I set aside my completely justified fears and got in with the kids. I figured if something was out there, they would prefer my fat juicy legs over the kids scrawny legs. I was sacrificing myself.This picture cracks me up. The family beach is so seems at the very entrance of it, everyone sat their stuff down, grabbed a lounge chair and swam. We walked to the end and had no crowds. Sometimes people don't use their heads.This was me, swimming in the ocean.....probably the only time I will. Seconds after this photo, I realized how freaking stupid I was, and got out. As I swam to shore (I was quite aways away from Rick, he just zoomed in), I just knew something was going to grab me and pull me under. (shudder)After I convinced everyone else that they were going to be killed if they swam any longer we headed to Cookies BBQ for lunch. mmmmmmOnce we got back on the ship, we watched Disney Dreams in the Walt Disney Theatre. It was AMAZING.When the kids and I got back from the show, this is where we found Rick. Drinking scotch on the balcony. nice.At least he's wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt.Tonight was the night that formal mickey and minnie were going to be in the lobby, so we had to dress up.We stopped to see Chip and Dale for Heidi firstGoofy was there before Mickey and MinnieThis was one of my favorites from the whole cruise....the whole family. (Even Rodney who's sitting on mickey's head). We really thought it would be hilarious if Rick took one with his glass of scotch in his hand. (of course he did have one) the photographer told him to hide it. At least we know it's in the picture.Tonight we ate at Triton's. (I forgot to take a picture of the sign)

I had escargo (snails) for an appetizer. not bad....not neccessarily good either though.Rick had some sort of tartJust proving I did eat themDinner was fantastic as usualAfter dinner, we went to the Til We Meet Again party.....all of the characters come out to wave goodbye since it was our last night on the ship.

I love this one of Heidi waving at Minnie and her waving back.I just love Daisy and DonaldHeidi made Rick run back to the room to get her stuffed chip and dale dolls when she saw chip and dale. They loved them.Sadly, we headed back to our room.....the next morning it was time to leave and fly home.

We had SO much fun.....seriously SO much fun. I believe cruising is my new vacation of choice.]
I think Rick would agree.