Sunday, April 26, 2009


Finally! I am getting back into the old routine....I have absolutely enjoyed our offseason and have had tons of stuff going on.

In the next day or 2, I'll finish posting vacation pictures, and then catch up with the TONS of other stuff we've been up to lately!

:)RJ and Miss Snow White at the hotel ready to start our day!Waiting at Rope DropHeading for Dumbo.....what has to be the first ride of any successfull Disney trip. :)We were the 1st family on Dumbo! Success!Miss Kaitlin couln't understand why I was crazy into planning every second. :)I look so not a morning person.These "empty park pictures" were taken during our Dumbo ride.taking 2 camera this year (1 being the little point and shoot) equals = tons of self portraits. :)The Cast Member who asked Miss Snow White for her autograph.....Heidi was so honoredI love her signature with the gigantic dotted "i's"He gave Heidi a special fast pass to get our whole group to the front of any line. Because "snow white waits for no one". I love this. We used her pass for her favorite ride....Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road.Alice and the Mad Hatter.....PinocchioI was prepared to do ANYTHING to see Daisy Duck this year. We didn't see her last year. I LOVE Daisy. My friend Michelle saw her in December, so I knew she was there. I was on a mission! It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I was thrilled when we happened upon her.In TomorrowLandEvil Zurg at Buzz Lightyear Space SpinHeaded to FrontierlandBig Thunder Mountain Rail Road was BY FAR Heidi's FAVORITE ride this year.......She rode with her hands in the air every time. :)RJ and Heidi as the honoray conductors of the monorailWhat a view......

With Chip and Dale.........

more to come