Monday, December 15, 2008

RJ's Christmas Program

Tonight was RJ's Christmas program. He looked so super cute in his Christmas outfit! Principal Parker said he looked like Johnny Cash! (in brown) :)

RJ and Heidi before the programMiss Kaitlin came to watch RJ singRJ had a big crowd, Mom, Dad, Heidi, MeeMee, PawPaw, and Grandma all came to watch.

Ross Farley (aka 1/3 of the Farley Boys) looked adorable as usualRJ was so looking forward to his moment in the spotlight. Alot of the kids didn't do the hand movements. Not RJ, he was right on top of it.They sang, "Jingle Bells", "Red and Green", "Snowman on the Lawn", "Decorate the Tree" , "S-A-N-T-A", "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ", and "We Wish you a Merry Christmas".

RJ looked adorable and sang as loud as he could. I almost teared up. I was so proud!




hncfarley said...

I am cracking up at those pictures. K is the best grade. I wish I could go back. I wouldn't cry this time.

hncfarley said...

Holly says: RJ really has some big dramatic moves. Love it. I too love this age.
And two thumbs up on the outfit!

Rebekah said...

J CASH! Im impressed. You should introduce R.J. to The Man in Black so he knows just what a great compliment that is!

Ashley and Evan said...

RJ looks quite theatrical! He is so into the performance and looks like he’s signing his little heart out. Has he thought about Broadway?

amberlindemann said...

I fully expect him to be in the musicals when he's in highschool.

Theatrical to say the least


Sarah D said...

RJ looks so good. He kind of looks like he should have been wearing a little cologne with his hot outfit.

The ladies are going to love RJ!

Having had the pleasure of seening RJ perform some of his school songs, I can only imagine that he had to have been the star of the show!!