Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shopping Day!

I LOVE the Children's Place. I LOVE shopping. Not for me though. No one likes buying clothes on the plus side of the store. (I'm okay owning jeans, and the same fashion bug t-shirt in 20 different colors)

We got home from church today and I since I actually had the day off (HOORAY!), I said that I wanted to go shopping for spring/summer clothes for the kids. Rick said he didn't want to go and I felt bad leaving everybody, so I curled up in the recliner. 30 minutes later, Rick decided if all we were gonna do is nap (I LOVE NAPS), then we may as well go. Then I heard him say something about Buffalo Wild Wings under his breath. He was thinking ahead.

We told the kids to go get ready and Heidi gets her shoes and coat and RJ is standing there with his shoes on and his coat all zipped up. Okay, we're ready. We get to about Casey and RJ says he's hot and can we stop so he can unbuckle and take his coat off. We pull over and he takes his coat off. He's sitting there with no shirt on. HE DIDN'T WEAR A SHIRT! I coudn't stop laughing. I was so glad we weren't going to church or school. Once we got to the mall he had to put his coat back on until I could buy him a shirt.

We headed over to the mall and 2 full giant shopping bags later, I was done. Didn't even go in any other stores. I LOVE the Children's Place!

We headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings, which is hands down our favorite wing place. They have so many different kinds of sauce, but we go for Blazin'.....hotter than hot. makes your eyes water when you smell the plate. We love it, but it's one of those things when you order it, they say, "are you sure" and then they deliver it they say "good luck".

I posted a funny poster that was hanging above our booth. The kids have picked up our love of wings, only they get theirs mild. Heidi especially loves the celery that comes with the wings, and then she pretends she's the Wonder Pets.

It was a nice day. Pretty weather and we had a fun family day.



Rebekah said...

oh man, Jeremy and I just saw your BWW post! Now we are going to have to make a trip to Terre Haute ON A WEEKNIGHT! gotta gotta gotta have it! Love that pLace~!

amberlindemann said...

you should go on Tuesday. That's the special wing night where they are on sale.

Sarah D said...

I laughed out loud at RJ and the no shirt!



holy crap, thats funny stuff. I am still laughing, cant wait until Hank gets out of the shower so I can read it to him.